Simple Rules for Change Makers

The 2014-15 free webinar series featured innovative educators who shared their stories about a few simple (and radical) rules to set the conditions for powerful learning

Royce Holladay and Leslie Patterson, Human Systems Dynamics

2014-15 Webinar Recordings & Materials

Webinar 1     Focus on the True and Useful:  Gatsby and Electrical Circuits in English Class    
Molly Adams
Link to  recording and  slides
For more information, contact Molly at
Webinar 2   Teach and Learn in Every Interaction: Apprenticeship, Kindergartners, and High School Poets
Whitney Young and Dr. Mandy Stewart
Link to  recording
Webinar 3   Whole, Part, and Greater Whole: Building Professional Capital in the Classroom and the Boardroom

Lisa Metzinger and Tracie Noriega, New Haven Unified School District, CA                                        

Link to recording

Webinar 4   Patterns: Making Change in an Unjust World

Dr. Carol Revelle, North Star of Texas Writing Project & University of North Texas

Link to  recording

Webinar 5   Building on Assets: Negotiating Difference in Classrooms, Cafeterias, and on the Soccer Field   

Winnie Hardie, Crista Leamons, Vivian Matsuyama,  Katie McClure, Venus Cenizal — Cupertino Union School District, CA

Link to Recording                 Link to Presentation Slides

Webinar 6  Engaging in Joyful Practice: Sustaining Stamina and Smiles in Spite of Everything

Joan Curtis, Marla Robertson, Holly Genova, Theresa Johnson, Kelly Mogk, and Teddi Martin

Link to Recording                  Link to Presentation Slides

 Webinar 7  Act with Courage: Making Change Wherever You Stand

Renae Rebechini, Illinois Education Association

Link to Recording                 Link to Presentation Slides

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