Dear Educators . . .

Your most urgent challenges are daunting.  There are too many moving parts to control, and you can’t predict what will happen next. You can no longer rely on the “way we have always done it.”   This blog is meant to help you  adapt to this ever-changing environment in creative and effective ways.

We are a group of teachers, administrators, parents, and professional development leaders who view schools as complex adaptive systems — open, diverse, and unpredictable! Through Human Systems Dynamics, we are learning to set conditions for generative learning in schools.

Our most basic tool is “Adaptive Action” — an inquiry/action cycle we use in our daily work and with our most overwhelming challenges. This tool is deceptively simple. Just ask and answer three questions:

  • WHAT is happening?
  • SO WHAT does it mean for all of us?
  • NOW WHAT shall we do next?

We can use these questions with students, with colleagues, and with parents and community members. It works with problems both big and small.

The posts on this blog will be from people who are using Adaptive Action everywhere in the schools system. We hope that you can recognize yourself in these blogs and that you will join our conversation.

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